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PNG getaway on world tourism hotspot list

PAPUA New Guinea’s Tufi Tribal Homestays is one of the world’s top 26 tourist and travel destinations for this year, according to the Lonely Planet’s One World Tourist destination.

As it is written to attract tourists worldwide, Lonely Planet stated that Tufi, carefree and far away from the world, was one of PNG’s best-kept secrets.

"On the stunningly beautiful Cape Nelson, where steep-sided rias penetrate the land like the fingers of a grasping hand, this picturesque spot has a more relaxed atmosphere than any city in the country," Lonely Planet said.

"The cape was formed by ancient eruptions of its three volcanoes and the lava that flowed down into the sea creating the rias, for which the cape is now famous."

Tufi has been voted and listed among world tourist destinations in the United States, Italy, Costa Rica, Equador, Singapore, West Iceland, South Africa, Argentina, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and Spain, to name a few.

The latest classification may see an increase in tourists to Northern (Oro) Province, notwithstanding the current politics that is still evident in the province’s leadership.

Lonely Planet features in a list of 26 of the ‘World’s Hottest New Experiences for 2015’ featuring the most exciting experiences around the world from the observation desk at One World Trade Center in New York to a yellow submarine tour to explore the sealife in Argentina.

Lonely Planet’s destination editor for Great Britain, James Smart, details that already interest have soared on all these 26 countries detailed and an update will be given later in the year.

While highlighting that the newest discovery of the remains of Richard III captured the world’s attention in 2013 and the recently opened state-of-the-art visitor centre is a must-visit for history fans this year, Smart also mentions that apart from the beautiful cape that has made Tufi one of the most recommended destinations, diving is also one of Tufi’s great attractions.

"There is consistent 30m-plus visibility and one diver we met said ‘there are more fish than water out there’," Mr Smart wrote.

"Maloway, Cyclone Reef and Marion Reef are memorable, and the muck diving under Tufi wharf is exceptional.

"Nearby are some WWII ships easily accessible in shallow water, while the famous B17 ‘Black Jack’ bomber is down the coast.

There are direct flights to Tufi from Port Moresby.
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