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Fiji Immigration will extend or renew expiring passports to another 10 years

As Fiji is undergoing a national process of introducing new Electronic Machine-Readable Passports or “ePassports”, Fijians living in the US, Canada and Mexico, are advised that the Department of Immigration will extend or renew the lifespan of the expiring passports to another 10 years.

The extension will be endorsed by a Passport Officer at the Department of Immigration and certified with an official stamp.

Applicants who have their lodged applications for renewal can have their passports extended but those who prefer to wait for the e-passport will be notified.

The application fee is US$42.55 for renewal and US$97.75 for lost passports.

Fijians are advised to complete the passport application form on the Immigration’s website, provide a passport sized photo, an old or current passport and confirmation of residency.

The application fee for a lost passport is US$97.55.

The Embassy will continue to accept passport applications; however, issuance will be restricted to those seeking medical evacuation abroad and those submitting justifications for urgent travels due to current shortage in passport stock.

Meanwhile, the Border Control Unit at the Immigration Department plays a critical role in the Protection of Fiji borders, especially when it comes to the sovereignty of our Nation.

Immigration Director-Nemani Vuniwaqa spoke on the critical role the unit undertakes on a daily basis.

He says the Border control unit works to ensure the processing of international flights, vessels, yachts, and cruisers are scrutinised  and meet the proper procedures.

“The Border control unit for Immigration plays a very important role and that is the protection and control of our borders especially when it comes to the sovereignty of our Nation, the processing of international flights that come in, vessels via yachts and cruise liners, passengers have to go through processing”

Vuniwaqa says:

“The geographical position and isolation of the countries, under the responsibility of Fiji that is still a challenge to ensure that we cover all the islands”

one of the key goals for 2019 for the Department is to allow all community headman and the relevant authorities work together.

There are about 50 Border Control Unit officers stationed at the various Ports of entries in Fiji.....

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