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World traveller makes Papua New Guinea feature on his Instagram

ON his way to breaking a world record, Instagrammer Daniel Herszberg is soon to be the youngest person to have visited all 195 countries of the world.
Herszberg, 26, an Australian living in Hong Kong, has travelled the world and visited 156 different countries: Papua New Guinea being his 156th.
The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority was happy to have him visit the country and experience some of the best destinations in the land of ‘A Million Different Journeys’.
Herszberg aims to be the youngest traveller to visit all countries of the world by 2020.
His instagram page @dhersz has over 12,000 followers with an engagement average of 800-1000 likes per post and a reach of over 5000 – a large portion being travel-savvy millenials much like himself.
“I’m completely in awe,” Herszberg posted last week during his Goroka tour.
“Papua New Guinea is truly another world.”
His recent posts about PNG have received a lot of positive comments.
Many of his fans have been asking about travel options in PNG, in which Herszberg has been happy to provide as a travel ambassador on his one-week sojourn in the country.
On his PNG journey, Herszberg visited Goroka, Rabaul and Port Moresby.
His Goroka tour was the most-memorable as it was his dream to meet the legendary mud-men of the Asaro Valley.
Herszberg’s tour guides in Goroka were expert local tour operators, PNG Highlands Adventures, which organised accommodation, tours and meals for Herszberg – who is a vegetarian.
He was pleased to savour the renowned fruits and vegetables of Eastern Highlands.
On the next leg of his journey, Herszberg spent two nights in East New Britain at the highly-acclaimed Rapopo Plantation Resort, taking in the many attractions of the Gazelle Peninsula, especially the popular
Mt Tavurvur.
Back in the nation’s capital, before he departed the country the following day, Herszberg was treated to a guided tour of one of our country’s best tourist attractions – Port Moresby Nature Park.
He had the opportunity to see some wildlife at the park, like birds of paradise, guria pigeons, tree kangaroos and cassowaries. The National/PTA

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