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Australian Film Maker helps in PNG Tribal Peace Settlement

An Australian national and film maker has made a contribution of about $1000 in a kind gesture  in a peace settlement ceremony set up by two warring tribes in Enga, Papua New Guinea. 
According to eyewitnesses,  Quentin Curzon" from Australia, a filim Maker, presented  a  huge pig worth K3000.00 ($1000) to the Kakaning clan of Sakarawan Tribe for them to pay compensation to Late Pais of Diyanda Clan, also of Sakarawan Tribe.

According to eyewitness  Pamben Nala, "It was the first time in the history of Malapin Tribe to see a foreigner being fully dressed with Engan Traditional attires'.

They were SO MANY foreigners who lived and left since the establishment of the institutions here at Sopas up till now and NO one had done what Mr Curzon has done today. It's a EYE OPENING to use the people of Sopas Community.

While presenting the pig to the Kakaning's he said "he was very happy to be Part and Parcel of the community, clan and tribe as a whole. He also said "he'll be travelling back and forth to help the Sakarawan's in whatever things he can". He further said that "this is just his gesture and more yet to come".

With such a historic performance, we the people of Sopas were blessed to witness and have his contribution. What a GLORIOUS DAY for us the Sakarawans'.

Both sides of the arena was very happy and they had both conveyed their gratitude to Mr Curzon.

Photo and Story by Pamben Nala

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