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Poor in English language affects learning in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands students academic performance has been affected by poor in English.  Limited understanding of English has disadvantaged a lot of students from making it further to form seven this year, the Solomon Star reports. 

Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), National Examination Assessment Division (NEAD), Manager John Liliu revealed to local media last week. 

Photo courtesy of Miss Solomon Islands
Photo courtesy of Miss Solomon Islands 

Mr. Liliu said a lot of form six students have done better in other subjects but very little in English.

“This is because they had scores grades 5 or 6 for English, therefore their chances to secure a spot in form seven diminishes,” he said.

He explained that English is a core subject that students must excel in before they can secure a spot in form seven. 

“I am not really sure if schools practice the English language in their schools. 

“I assume the fact that the multi-lingual nature of Solomon Island society is a barrier to understanding the English Language.” Mr. Liliu said.

He said our students still face literacy issues.  

Meanwhile, a local high school teacher admitted the problem of students having poor English writing and speaking is a problem.

He said the problem originates from where the student commenced his/her education.

The teacher who declined to be named added, some of the students fail to read or write well when they came through their primary school, and because of this, it caught up on them later in their education.

He said it's an issue that should be addressed by the parents at home and their pre-primary teachers.

“Students can only advance in their education if they can read and write well,” he said.

He also encouraged students to spend more time reading books and writing stories.

He acknowledged access to technology such as mobile phones and movies as an issue that hindered so many students from spending time to read and write during their free time. 

The teacher also encourages students to speak English in class.

Solomon Star / What's Good Pacific?

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