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Travel PNG : Pacific Pearl Casino to create over 2000 jobs, increase number of Tourists

Papua New Guinea is expected to see influx of tourists after the Casino called "Pacific Pearl" is constructed and completed. Papua New Guinea government through the National Gaming board has announced the construction of the casino in Port Moresby last week. According to the statement released to the media, the construction of the casino will begin on the multi-billion kina world- class Pacific Pearl Casino Hotel on Port Moresby’s Paga Hill in October this year. An exciting and historical agreement was signed at Stanley Hotel on Friday, the 28th of May between the PNG National Gaming and Control Board and the Paga Hill Development Company (PHDL) paving way for the first phase of construction of the Casino.

Downtown Port Moresby . Photo by Skerah Media 

National Gaming Control (NGCB) Board Chairman, Clemence Kanau says the development of the Casino will create job opportunities for Papua New Guineans.

He was speaking during the signing between NGCB and casino developer, Paga Hill Development to build a casino in Port Moresby.

“Local and international tourists will be here to play casino and of course create direct and indirect employment. Between one and two thousand would be employed including taxi drivers will drive people up to the casino and those in the SME sector will also participate,” said Mr Kanau.

The casino named the ‘Pacific Pearl’, is plan to start operation in 2023 and Port Moresby is expected to see an influx of tourists.

Paga Hill Developer, Gudmundur Fridiksson said the casino will be an entertainment hub where it will also cater for restaurants and nightclubs.

“PNG needs to diversify its economy. We have about 300 cruise ships that pass PNG every year. So to attract some of these cruise ships, we need to have the right products”, said Mr Fridiksson.

Meanwhile, Mr Kanau said he is excited to see the Government thriving to create job opportunities for its people.

“It’s an exciting time ahead. I’m confident the country will come out of covid-19 and our country will be in the forefront of development and to create job opportunities for our people,” he said.

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