What's Good Solomon Islands : Malaita Province

The board, management and staff of Tourism Solomons wish to extend many congratulations to the government and people of Malaita Province on the occasion of their Second Appointment Day.

What's Good Solomon Islands : Malaita Province
What's Good Solomon Islands : Malaita Province . Photo by Visit Solomon Islands

Malaita Province is one of the most populous and one of the largest of the nine provinces of Solomon Islands. A natural and cultural delight as its main attractions, Malaita comprises one main island to Guadalcanal’s east as well as atolls to the extreme north namely Ontong Java and Sikaiana whose inhabitants are Polynesians. 

Malaita Province is renowned for three iconic Solomon Islands traditions: man -made islands, shell money production and panpipe music. These Man-made islands are a must see. You can find them in the Langalanga lagoon close to the capital Auki and in the Lau Lagoon in the north. The people of the Langalanga lagoon are also known for Boat building.

Malaita is also home of the traditional but still in circulation shell money and is a significant part of the day to day cultural lives of the people.  Most villages are easily accessible but some villages 

especially those up in the mountains are difficult to access. 

The province is also renowned for the haunting sound of its unique panpipe bands especially along the ‘Are’are lagoon where it is famed for its vibrant and willowy tunes that easily set it apart from all other panpipers in our island nation.

Ontong Java and Sikaiana are renowned for their beautiful Islands and culture is also one of the main attractions. 

There is a lot of activities you can do when you visit the province which include treks and adventure, village and cultural tours, birdwatching and many more. Perfect surf breaks can be found in Lau Lagoon and Suava Bay in northern Malaita for those who are after surfing. 

There is a range of accommodation options available in Auki and surroundings as well as the Southern and Northern regions of the province while some can be found in the remote locations of the province. 

Malaita province is just a short 30 minutes flight from Honiara and is a 3-hour ride by Pelican express while other ferries take around 5 – 6 hours. 

Visit Malaita Province for a true unique experience. 

May God Bless Malaita Province. May God Bless Solomons Islands. 

Solomon Is Still Here.

Source : VISIT Solomon Islands

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