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Ela Beach Transforms Down Town Port Moresby Landscape

Papua New Guinea's Capital Port Moresby  is the fastest growing City in Pacific region.

We have seen what the NCD GOVERNOR HON Powes Parkop has delivered for the Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

When he has already changed the nations capital there's no doubt he can change PNG too.

He is highly qualified and capable to lead this country as he as already proven to us with the kind of quality leadership he displayed during his term.

Many Governor have come and gone with little achievements and left no legacy. In the last 10 years, Port Moresby has unprecedented growth and developments. We have expanded the physical, social and economic life of our city.
Fast developing city of Port Moresby

We're so blessed to have a Million Ideas Governor who have greater plans and visions for our citizens and the City to live a peaceful, healthy and have a positive attitude. By Mangi Moresbi
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