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Vanuatu Department of Tourism reveals plans for big cruise ship visit

The Ovation of The Seas, one of the world’s largest cruise ship will make its first ever cruise to Port Vila in March this year.

 Acting Director of the Department of Tourism (DOT), Donald Pelam says the Ovation of the Seas has a capacity of almost 5,000 passengers.

 The Acting Director said the arrival of the Ovation of the Season on March 25 this year will be a milestone for the tourism sector as it is expected to generate substantial revenue.

 ”Cruise ships are crucial to the tourism industry,” he said. “They bring economic benefits to the country.”

 It will be a unique cruise ship experience when the Ovation of the Seas arrives in Port Vila harbour.

 "We are planning to stop traffic in the main street of Port Vila town for the handicraft vendors and tourism operators to showcase their exciting products, starting from the Ex-French Embassy Building to the Port Vila Market.

 ”Since the ship is just too big to dock at our cruise terminal, it will anchor in deep water and passengers will be taken ashore on the ship’s boats. Passengers will be taken straight to the Seafront.

 ”DOT, South Sea Shipping and Port Vila Municipal Council will be placing a small wharf at the Ex-Rossi Restaurant premise for the ship to unload its passengers there.

 ”This will be a milestone for cruise tourism industry. I believe the handicraft, tour and transport operators will greatly benefit from the Ovation of the Seas arrival”.

 According to a cruise ship schedule for Port Vila from the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO), around 72 cruise ships are expected to visit Port Vila alone this year.

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