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Fiji discusses with European Union on ease of processing Schengen visa

Progressive measures are being taken by the Fiji’s Mission in Brussels to ease the processing of Schengen visas to Europe, saving Fijians time and costs currently associated with applying for the Schengen Visa to travel to Europe.

Fiji’s Ambassador at the Fiji Embassy in Brussels, Deo Saran says the Brussels based mission is holding discussions with the European Union to put in necessary arrangements to ease the process required by Fijians in accessing visa to travel to Europe.

Ambassador Saran said while Fiji is holding talks with the European Union on this new arrangement, a successful outcome of current talks will largely depend on individual approval by EU member states.

“This will require the Mission to undertake consultations and bilateral discussions with the European Union member states to seek their support to have an agency in Fiji that can process the visa on their behalf. We do hope to put in the necessary mechanisms in place by this year so we can have the visa processing arrangements done in Fiji”, Ambassador Saran said.

“Currently people have to travel all the way to Wellington or Vanuatu and it takes almost a week or so to get the visa to Europe. Having the visa processed in Fiji will be a huge relief for Fijians,” Ambassador Saran elaborated....

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