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Pacific Products, Souvenirs for Travelers

If you are travelling to the Pacific, you will find many locally made products . These products include, carvings, tradition woven bags, arrows, bows, etc are available on cheaper rates. You can take on of those as your souvenirs.  Below is a new article about local designs

"Local Designers can now showcase their local products at a more convenient location all thanks to PNG Fashion Week.

Miss PNG Fashion Shop creates an avenue for all the PNG Local Designers to showcase their Products at one of Port Moresby’s biggest shopping Centre the Vision City Mega Mall.
‍‍The Shop is set to be open on the 18th of January, and it will feature locally made products, like dress, billum and shirt made from fibber ropes, Meri blouse and other local products inspired by PNG Culture and traditions.

“Space were need for all the fashion designers that do the runway shows very often, to sell their products so they can generate income for themselves at a secure location,” said  Managing Director of the PNG Fashion Week Philma Kelagai.

However Miss Kelagai said there are requirements set for all Local Designers in terms of the Product quality, well constructed and has to be at a reasonable price.

She encouraged people to buy the local products to empower communities and to build the country’s economy.

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