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Branding of Amazing Port Moresby unique


NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s branding of the nation’s capital as Amazing Port Moresby city goes far beyond just being another in the Pacific. When you look around in the city, you will notice many of the modern buildings are inspired by traditional totems.

Architecture and design lovers will rejoice in visiting some of Port Moresby’s iconic buildings, boasting impressive mosaic facades and innovative shapes. Such is the National Parliament House
Built in Haus Tambaran style (house of spirits), the towering mosaic façade depicting Papua New Guinean motifs is one of the reasons to visit the striking National Parliament House. Inspired by the traditional sacred houses in the Maprik region of East Sepik province, the rocket-shaped roof pointing to the sky, gives the building a futuristic look.

Another traditional design that gives POM city its amazing look is the Bank of South Pacific
Building designed in the 1970s by an Australian architect James Birrell, the facade of the Bank of South Pacific is renowned for its figures inspired by traditional drawings. In soft-hue green and featuring playful forms, the BSP building is a real treat for design lovers.

According to the Amazing Port Moresby’s official website, the International Convention Center (ICC) building located in Waigani is another of such which was completed in 2015. The design of its large pillars was inspired by traditional drawings from Sepik and Gulf regions. It is as if the traditional spiritual guards were looking after this modern building.

The next is amazing look is the APEC Haus which was built on reclaimed land in front of Ela Beach in Port Moresby; completed in 2018 and is already a new iconic building of Papua New Guinea. The design of the roof was inspired by Lakatoi sail, a traditional crab claw sail used but local Motu tribe.

Bird watching is another promising activity you find within the city to truly describe it an amazing place. 
See a bird of paradise at Varirata National Park. Popular because of its spectacular views overlooking Port Moresby and the Central Coast, the Varirata National Park, an hour drive from the capital, is home to six out of the thirty-five species of birds-of-paradise.

Within its 1,000 hectares (and more than 800m of altitude), there is plenty of terrain to be explored here. Several walking trails will keep you at Varirata National Park for hours. Birdwatchers can get lucky spotting glorious birds-of-paradise or kingfishers, some of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

At the Nature Park, play with a tree kangaroo if you don’t get a chance to explore Papua’s rich biodiversity throughout the country.
Formerly the Botanical Gardens, the Nature Park, is the best place to discover the region’s flora and fauna in a safe and picturesque setting. With over 150 animals including native species of tree kangaroos, cassowaries, hornbills, wallabies and more, the Nature Park is Papua New Guinea’s leading botanical and native zoological park and garden.

The Nature Park offers a unique chance to see Papua New Guinea’s rare and exotic animals
well-kept and diverse in its display of wildlife, the gardens include more than two kilometers of walkways through jungle canopy and exotic plants.

There is also a large aviary housing parrots and birds-of-paradise, making it easier to see the birds here than out in the wild. With an explosion of numerous species of rare orchids, the Nature Park is the perfect oasis of calm not far away from the city. There are vast green spaces for leisurely picnics, a popular cafe and a souvenir shop.

Amazing POM city also offers collections of the National Museum ranging from the Malangan totems from New Ireland, Baining masks from New Britain, shields from the Highlands, Sepik carved columns – the National Museum of Papua New Guinea is a superb introduction to Papua New Guinea’s rich indigenous art.

Recently renovated, the museum is worth an extended visit. Stroll through the themed exhibits for a window into Papua’s creativity and unlimited imagination in using all that nature can offer as a tool.

Don’t miss the masterpiece room, exceptional just as its name suggests. The National Museum of Papua New Guinea is a superb introduction to Papua New Guinea’s rich indigenous art.

Isolated for generations, each region, ethnic group and village has developed its own distinct techniques, shapes and style. Take your time in discovering impressive items such as a headdress proudly featuring bird-of-paradise feathers, kina shell money or kundu drums.

Stone, earth and wood, but also bark, seeds, skins, feathers and furs, seashells and even insect shells and spider webs are just some of the sheer diversity to be found inside, an incredible palette of materials to which candy papers, pearls, buttons and industrial paints have recently been added.

An anthropologist’s delight, other displays feature the flora and fauna, ethnography and history of PNG.

Amazing Port Moresby houses the Adventure Park; one might shrill at a crocodile feeding. 

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is no adventure park with rollercoaster rides waiting, but rather a fun park including a small zoo.

Here you’ll find most of Papua’s iconic birds and animals such as the Ragianna bird-of-paradise with its dazzling colors and plumage, the daunting fresh crocodiles, the flamboyant Victoria Crowned pigeons and much more. The resplendent garden of orchids is a star attraction.

Take note of the crocodile feeding time (Saturday & Sunday at 3pm), a spectacle in itself, if you are for the adventure to watch the crocs. Adventure seekers should not miss the crocodile feeding.

There are winding pathways to other attractions like the Wildlife Sanctuary, water slides for kids and a Ferris wheel, picnic sites and man-made ponds filled with fish. You can hire rods and reels from the shop to fish yourself, a fun activity for the entire family.

Indulge in an afternoon walk in the park, one of the best ways to relax in Amazing Port Moresby city. Don’t be surprised to run into couples taking pictures on their wedding day. The handsome grounds are as picturesque as they are inviting.

Peter S. Kinjap is a freelance writer and a blogger, email: pekinjap@gmail.com

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