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Fiji tourism sector, Golden Goose that needs extra care

Among the issues in the Fijian economy, the 2019 Pacific Update touched on the tourism sector.

Academic, Professor Rukmani Gounder from Massey University in New Zealand explains how the industry is somewhat of a Golden Goose for Fiji and the region.

“Tourism is one of the most important sector for Fiji and particularly also for the Pacific Islands as well, being small island economies and one of the niche products that we can produce as an export market is our tourism.”

However Professor Gounder also notes that every goose needs taking care of and there are certain must have’s that make the tourism sector sustainable.

“Tourism is a safe industry as well for the people who come to Fiji to enjoy, to relax, to have a fantastic time and of course our Bula Smile, we talk about a good experience, we go back, we want the tourists to come back again so for that, we have got to make sure we have our infrastructures, security, better hotels and even it’s from a low budget to high budget, we provide a whole range of that.”

The 2019 Pacific Update will conclude today at the University of the South Pacific’s Laucala Campus.

Among the thematic areas of focus at the three day event is issues on health, foreign aid, gender and climate risk to name a few.


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