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PNG Help Desk with Forms available for International Travellers

Papua New Guinea Health Department has confirmed that no physical medical checks are being carried out on passengers traveling into the country.

Acting Health Secretary, Dr. Paison Dakulala told media that the only measure applied to international travelers at Jackson's Internationa terminal is to fill in the required international travelers' declaration form.

That is the standard World Health Organisation Health declaration form.

The National Department of Health is still working on a form that relevant to PNG.

"And on the basis of that declaration form, it will come through to where the Help Desk is, and they will then identify if you are to go for the further screening process.

"If you are in the High-Risk category, you will go through the quarantine process, said Dr. Dakalala.

Meantime, the Health Department said its closely monitoring some PNG and Chinese nationals who entered the country from Hong Kong, without medical certificates.

Executive Manager Public Health division Dr. Esorom Daoni said this when asked by journalists whether those people are a threat to the public.

Dr. Daoni said the surveillance team is making contact with them to closely monitor their conditions.

He said at this stage, there is no cause for alarm, stressing that these people traveled to PNG before the Government issued directives for all incoming passengers to have a medical certificate.

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