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PNG National Department of Health Activates Response to Coronavirus

The PNG National Department of Health in collaboration with other line agencies are ready to fight the deadly 'Coronavirus outbreak', that started from China.

The disease is spreading world wide and NDoH has taken the lead in putting in place measures to counter any outbreak in the country.

All incoming international passengers entering the country are now being screened at the Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby.

National Department of Health Executive Manager, Public Health Division, Dr Esorom Daoni, confirmed with NBCs Holiday PNG Program on Friday, 24th January 2020, that there is increased hype of activity at the airport.

"All incoming passengers whether you are transiting from elsewhere to PNG are requested to be screened at the airport," Dr Daoni said.

International passengers leaving the country will be given background to the virus, which includes symptoms and measure to take to prevent catching the disease.

Dr Daoni revealed that being a new disease, the world is still currently learning about IT.

A private medical provider who's contracted to the National Airports Corporation to be assisted by a team of nurses and doctors will screen incoming passengers.

"We also set up an isolation bay at the airport now, so when our Health workers go through your form and see that you have a history to China they will isolate you," Dr Daoni said.

Further more, isolation areas have been identified to take in patients, suspected with symptoms of the deadly disease.

The location will be at 6 mile, which is currently being renovated.The PNG Defence Force has been consulted also to quickly set up a isolation Centre at the Taurama Medical Clinic.

CNN has reported that 17 people have been killed so far with over 600 affected.

And, there is a lock down in transportation services in provinces affected by the Coronavirus in China.

Meantime, the public has been urged not to PANIC.

Dr Daoni says, they've responded to diseases like SARS and other major disease, so they are responding in collaboration with their partners.

He confirmed the department has put aside funds to ensure this is done.

"We are doing all we can at all points of entry into the country and its very important not to panic but listen to simple instructions," Dr Daoni said.

The public is advise to wash their hands with soap, cover nose and mouth when coughing, confine oneself at the house if you have cold and flu like symptoms, avoid being near people with flu cold symptoms, and going to public places were live animals are sold.

The virus can cause mild to moderate form of Pneumonia and Bronchitis.

Pix: Medical staff transfer patients to the Jin Yintan hospital in Wuhan on J
anuary 17.

Source: Stringer/Getty Images

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