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Extremely Rare Golden Tree Kangaroo Found in Papua New Guinea

The Port Moresby Nature Park in Papua New Guinea  will now become the home of the unique and extremely rare Golden Tree Kangaroo.

The Nature Park Curator Brett Smith in a statement said that the Golden Doria's Tree Kangaroo or Horepai (white man) is currently believed to be the only one in the world to be displayed in captivity, and is a species that is endemic to PNG.

Mr. Smith said, this tree kangaroo should be dark brown in colour, but has developed golden pigmentation to its fur or albinism, due to a genetic disorder.

He said to date, Horepai is the only albino tree kangaroo known in the world and in captivity, and this gives the wildlife team a firsthand opportunity to learn more about the biology of this animal, and the species in particular.

The arrival of Horepai to the park coincides with Nature Park’s celebration of the Tree Kangaroo Month, which is throughout the month of May, and they are optimistic that it will be attracting a lot of visitors, who will be interested to get a glimpse of this unique and rare animal.

Pic courtesy of Pom Nature Park

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