All Travels to Australia require Digital Passenger Declaration

Passengers travelling to Australia are required to complete a new “document” being the Australian Digital Passenger Declaration (or DPD).

This replaces the earlier Passenger Travel Declaration (or ATD) that was required.

The DPD is a mobile phone App and available for download at the Apple iPhone Store for iPhone, and Google Store for Android phones, by searching Australia DPD.

Travels to Australia requires Digital Passenger Declaration [Photo by ANG] 

Initial one off entry of set-up information takes about 15 minutes, and you need your passport and vaccination information to enter, so it is recommended this is downloaded and updated prior to coming to the airport.

Manual paper forms will be available at check-in if required.

Passengers flying into Australia, must complete a negative rapid test within 24 hours of scheduled departure.

This can either be conducted at the airport, or the passenger can bring a compliant certificate with them issued by a Doctor.

A negative PCR test within 3 days of departure is also acceptable.

Passengers arriving with their own compliant PCR or negative Rapid Test certificate conducted independently from the ISOS testing site can progress directly to the Departures Check in through the Main Terminal Entrance.

Passengers are reminded that they cannot be checked in without a certificate of vaccination valid for travel.

Vaccination Certificates valid for international travel includes (amongst others) the PNG International Certificate of Covid Vaccination (ICCV) , the WHO yellow card, the Australian Covid-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate, as well as compliant certificates issued by other countries.

The PNG International Certificate of Covid Vaccination is available from PNG National Department of Health (NDoH) upon production of a copy of your green vaccination card and passport either to email: or by visiting the NDoH office- Level 3 Aopi Centre in Waigani.

The Green Card PNG Vaccination Certificate is not valid for international travel, as it does not include either the persons Date of Birth or their Passport Number.


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