Diving in Solomon Islands : Leru Cut on Russel Islands

 If you are planning to take an adventure to  the Pacific and diving is your hobby, try visit Solomon Islands and dive at Leru Cut on the Russel Islands. Leru Cut is one of the top 10 diving locations in the Solomon Island and the Pacific.

Leru Cut on the Russel Islands [Photo by Solomon Islands Tourism] 

Accessible via boat entry, Leru Cut is a long passage about 100 metres in length, five metres at its widest, and 23 metres at its deepest. 

The Cut dive, with its sandy floor and coral laden walls, opens under the rainforest canopy of Leru Island. 

This a dive that divers of all skill levels can enjoy. Come join us for a dive soon!

Leru Cut is still here

Photo by Solomon Islands Tourism 

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