Justin Olam steps up for love of country

 Papua New Guinean rugby league  star Justin Olam (pictured) has been  appointed as a brand ambassador for the  PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA).

Olam, who plays for Melbourne Storm in  the NRL, has an online following of 300,000  and says he is aiming to inspire his fans and  followers to travel in PNG.

“Papua New Guinea is my home and I want  to help support initiatives that allow the rest

of the world to see our beautiful country,” he  says. “Our diverse and rich cultures, our pristine

waters and environment and our wonderful  people make for an ideal tourist destination.”  The Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture,  Isi Henry Leonard, says Olam will be a great  ambassador for the country because of his  status as one of the top rugby league players  in the world.

"PNG is my home and  I want to help support  initiatives that allow the  rest of the world to see our beautiful country"

The Minister said he was excited that rugby  league will be used as a vehicle to promote  the country’s tourism.

As part of his role, Olam will travel  around PNG and will post online about his  experiences. 

Source : Paradise Magazine/What's Good Pacific

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